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with the u.s., and exposed them to the very groups that attacked the consulate. so how dangerous is it that he is revealing these documents? >> i think it shows, jennifer the problem that you have when you have a serious foreign policy issue getting caught up in gotcha politics. here you have an instance where perhaps congressman issa really overstepped his bounds and now some people might be in danger. i didn't see what was knew beyond what we have already learned last week which were scathing for the state department and lead secretary clinton to take responsibility for the whole debacle. i don't see this issue going away unfortunately in terms of the politics of it. >> jennifer: they certainly revealed nothing new in terms of what happened next but they certainly did reveal something new in terms of names of people who might have been helping the united states. >> yeah that's the problem. we already know from the regional security officer saying we needed more diplomatic security. but the fact that he is revealing sources and methods here is quite incr
believe on november 6th we'll have the first woman u.s. senator here in the state of wisconsin. >> jennifer: do you have results to see whether republicans or democrats have taken advantage of early voting? >> we are not able to track that way, but we are able to get a list of people that have early voted, and look at our records and the voters that we're targeting and look voter to voter who is voting. >> jennifer: so what have you learned? >> we feel very confident of where we're at. where we need our democratic base to turn out in early vote, they are doing absolutely that. >> jennifer: you are not giving me any firm numbers, but you are feeling good is what you're telling me? >> yeah, wisconsin is a little bit different of gauging the actual percent because of all of the different municipalities. some of the county clerks run the polling out of their homes. but our base needs to bring this home. and we feel very good. >> jennifer: all right. we are counting on you guys. don't disappoint the rest of the country. no pressure or anything. >> thank you very much
disasters in u.s. history. mitt romney spent the day ducking reporter's questions on whether he would eliminate fema. two statements that i think largely speak for themselves. you're watching "the war room." we'll be right back. of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart. >> jennifer: right now, across the northeast millions of americans are relying on the local, state and federal governments for more than a little help. the need for public assistance in a crisis like this storm is simply massive. back in june 2011 when governor romney was trying to win over republican primary voters at a debate, you may have seen this. he had this to say about how to fix the financially-strapped federal emergency management agency better known as fema. take a listen. >> romney: every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that's the right direction. and if you go even further and
and governor romney has spoken about the threat that china poses to the u.s. manufacturing base. president obama has pushed back hard to end loopholes to that give breaks to companies that move jobs offshore but mitt romney is running for president on his bain capital business experience, and bain has helped companies maximize profits by outsourcing jobs to low-wage countries like china, which brings us back to the factory. can you guess who controls it? bain capital. of course bain capital no longer man ages bain today. but would it surprise you to learn he owns stock in the company. he had at least enough stock in the company that he was able to transfer more than $200,000 worth of shares so a foundation that he controls. for more on the human cost i'm joined by freeport illinois mayor. thank you so much for joining us inside "the war room." >> thank you for the opportunity. >> let's just start with us how important are these jobs to the town of freeport? >> we have strides of retention of jobs in free port but when you have 170 jobs leaving our city, it negates ev
as true. mitt romney's own plan would cost 800,000 u.s. jobs according to the study for american progress. the corporate tax cuts would cost the u.s., according to that study, nearly $1 trillion. all right. now the third debate topic, and the third myth that is -- we are debunking here health you will hear this over and over again. you have heard it. the memo reads $716 billion will be raided from medicare to pay for obamacare. now this is the same raiding medicare lie that romney has been pushing since august. >> romney: the president's plan cuts medicare -- excuse me -- well let's see -- there we go. by $716 billion. cut. >> jennifer: polititfact, the fact checker in looking at that statement rated it mostly false because here is the truth. president obama has made medicare more efficient by cutting costs in the program to the tune of $716 billion. that's cutting costs, not cutting patient care, not kicking people off of medicare, not cutting benefits, just cutting costs by making it more efficient. and then he reinvested those savings back into medicare t
is actually the one that would damage the u.s.'s reputation for being weak. >> absolutely. no one knows what he stands for. first of all the positions he's taken that were hawkish positions, most of them didn't make sense. probably the advisor said wait a minute, governor, you can't say that on stage against the president. he'll take you to pieces on it. like the ideas of giving syrian arms to the rebels when you don't know who they are. romney backed off. but he's laid the ground work for trying to be much more hawkish because 70% of his advisers come from that camp. that's who's whispering in his ear. we don't know where he stands but what he projected last night was vacillation and uncertainty and he projected exactly the opposite of the kind of resolve and consistency that he claimed was necessary. that's the consistency barack obama has shown. >> jennifer: i think it is so interesting you say this because i actually wrote a piece this morning on not so much what was said but the way it was said last night. and
two u.s. senators, at least one congressman and at least the president of the united states. so for people to believe that politics doesn't play a role or at least politics isn't on the minds of politicians is just being naive. >> cenk: so if that's the case, why did the bush administration screw it up so badly. do you also acknowledge -- you were the former fema director at the time, d'oh but do you acknowledge there were mistakes made and if so, you know, why get something so monumentally important politically let alone policywise wrong in that case? >> well, because i think there were political miscalculations during katrina and there were actual -- how would i describe it? there were actual leadership problems during katrina. remember, a president can't evacuate a city. only a governor or a mayor can do that. i think the failure of mayor to evacuate the city -- he admitted this. the failure to do it earlier is what caused the big problems and politically -- i'm give you an example of a political mistake
? >> of course. any killing of a u.s. ambassador is going to bed to nel this kind of season. but he believed in libya and the cause in which he risked his life, avenue the dangers, and the libbian people loved him for it. i was in benghazi during the attack, and the outpouring of emotion on the part of the libbians was palpable. >> jennifer: and he actually did resist some of the overintrusive security measures so he could be more connected; is that try? >> he had several roles before the ambassadorship and his hallmark was to go out and meet the people and talk about their concerns. >> jennifer: what surprised you most about your research in the start of the revolution? >> well, there are a whole range of things that surprised me. i had an inkling of this having been posted there for two years, but one was the way the bush administration -- the narratives that were constructed to establish the [ inaudible ] with libya. >> jennifer: tell me. >> essentially the idea that gadhafi was so scared by the image of saadam hussein pulled from a spider hole that he coughed up weapons
and that of president obama in chicago. he became the first sitting president in the history of the u.s. to vote early. afterwards, he thanked the polling place workers, he encouraged others to vote early. last night he told jay leno why he's voting early. >> obama: a lot of states have early voting so you don't have to wait for election day. you don't have to take off work or try to figure out how -- picking up the kids and all of that stuff. >> do you know who you're going to be voting for? >> obama: it is a secret ballot. michelle told me she voted for me. >> that's good. >> obama: that was encouraging. >> jennifer: it isn't so as i for everybody across the country. according to the national state legislatures, one in 15 states including virginia and new hampshire, voters there cannot cast ballots early unless they have an excuse for an absentee ballot. joining me now is jacob soboroff on the board of the group why tuesday. that works to increase voter turnout. that's also a host of "huffington post" live. he's a correspond
. and then we have richard carmono running for the u.s. senate running as a democrat and he is giving -- >> jennifer: a run for his money. >> so if not this time, i'm cautiously optimistic about carmona. >> jennifer: and the backlash against this anti-immigrant series of legislation really could say, you know, it's the undoing almost of the republican strategy to be able to do that. do you think in terms of the republicans, it is a -- their efforts cannot be sustainable? >> no i don't think they are efforts. i think they have been playing the short-term game. basically i'm going to worry about latinos when i really need to. but it is motivating people. and it's really important to understand that hispanics are just like any other american. they care about the economy, jobs health care, but when they feel attacked they are going to -- and what really want to register and vote. >> jennifer: absolutely. people get mad -- >> yes. and that's what is happening. >> jennifer: romney said before the debate to the denver post that he would support the president's giving wo
contested u.s. senate seat in 2010? a bad year for democrats nationally. so colorado is hard to predict. >> jennifer: what are you hearing? what does it look like on the ground? are democrats organized? does it seem like they have their act together? >> the way i perceive it is the democrats campaigns are much more organized. but it is an uphill climb because the economy is so tough. it's an uphill climb especially after the debate there was extra local attention on that debate. there was so much residual coverage of that in the local media here that president obama's performance and mitt romney's performance played an especially huge role. >> jennifer: you think because of the local coverage coupled with the national coverage you got really saturated? >> that's absolutely right. it wasn't just the national story, it was local radio and television, and there was a before and after on all of this. >> jennifer: there still is. we're still talking about it too. so tell us about the mood of the conservative -- i know you have a radio show where you have a lot of conse
of ohio is asking the u.s. supreme court if early voting hurts military voters. is this just a political exercise on the part of the officials there? >> i -- without having looked into this or reported it, i would say that the officials in ohio probably thought, say, knowing this supreme court it's worth a shot. >> jennifer: i predict that the supreme court is not going to go into another situation that could lead to charges of bush v gore again. but who knows. thank you my friend. appreciate you coming into "the war room." >> martha raddatz she hit it out of the park jim lehrer said he will never do it. so what we can expect from candy? plus if you are tired of kicking around the same old bad republican guy? stick around i'll introduce you to a new one. and later is the bush dynasty over, or just lying in wait. a fascinating new article of 43 and younger brother jeb is raising more than a few eyebrows. it's "the war room." it's monday night. we are in new york city. and we'll be right back. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption base
in joining me to support richard mourdock for u.s. senate. >> jennifer: yes, mitt romney is supporting richard mourdock. he refuses to pull theed a despite richard mourdock's statement yesterday. >> i struggled with it mice for a long time, but i came to realize life is that gift from god, and even when life begins in that horrible situation of something that god intended to happen. >> jennifer: to tell us what would happen to abortion rights if mitt romney is elected and republicans control congress is erin ramon. she is a staff write we are salon, and comes to us from new york. welcome back inside "the war room." >> thanks for having me governor. >> jennifer: there are more than 40 anti-choice candidates running for office, why does that not matter? >> i think so many of those 40 are putting their foots in their mouths. they are just a little too frank. they have been cloaking their anti-woman views saying they are trying to protect women and women's health basically trying to protect women from their own decisions, but now basically have a lot of neophytes, wh
software company wrote a similar whining e-mail to his employees titled with the u.s. presidential election directly affect your job? the e-mail reads... so if you vote for obama and end up in communist china, don't say i didn't warn you. and, of course, there's the koch brothers. we couldn't do a segment like this without the koch brothers. they're already spending hundreds of millions to get mitt romney elected. they're also making sure their employees vote the right way writing in an e-mail to 45,000 workers... >> i've called this a thinly veiled threat to vote their way or be fired but i'm not sure it is that veiled at all. here's the really disgusting thing. it gets worse than what i've already told you. the koch brothers back group alec which drafts model legislation for state lawmakers has actually succeeded in passing laws that make it illegal for public employees to talk about politics on the job. consider that for a minute. koch's personal law that prohibits teachers and firefighters and possible union mem
of george w. bush. 75% increase in drilling rigs from 29 to 2011. u.s. oil production at the highest level since 1997. and most permits for deep water drilling since '07 even though we had the bp disaster happen on his watch. you're not going to outdrill. you're not going to out-coal president obama. how is it that climb climate change working for president obama? would you brag about it? why do they do it, it's the money, lebowsky, of course it's the money. look at how much the oil company spent, $167,000 spent every day lobbying congress. every $1 spent on lobbying is equivalent to $30 worth of tax breaks that they get from the american people. and finally where did the money go? it went largely to romney any way. was it worth it for $720,000? romney got $4.7 million from the oil cop. the republicans win any way. and we all lose because we're right now in the middle of climate change, and we don't have any politicians or almost any media who give a dam or plan to do anything about it. that's unfortunately the cold, hard reality. all right now when we come back we got a lot more for you o
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)